Recent research on ‘premature’ deaths in residential aged care

LASA CEO Sean Rooney today acknowledged findings in a recent research report into ‘premature’ deaths in residential aged care homes.

“The research findings on the incidence of ‘premature’ deaths in residential aged care homes offers some interesting insights for the aged care industry, “Mr Rooney said.

“We look forward to engaging with the report’s findings to inform our industry’s focus on delivering high quality care and support, and in so doing, ensure older Australians in residential care settings live well.

“As an industry we actively seek to continuously maintain and improve high standards of care.”

Mr Rooney said the research findings highlight a number of factors understood and managed in aged care.

“Care providers in residential aged care homes work with residents and their families to ensure a safe environment where a resident can live and age well, while also not limiting a resident’s personal choice, independence or freedoms,” Mr Rooney said.

“A good quality of life requires a certain degree of autonomy so residents may make choices that enhance their quality of life, but may also increase the risk of potential harm.”

Mr Rooney said the reported increase in unintentional falls per 1,000 admissions, a finding that may reflect the changes in the age and acuity of people entering residential aged care over time, raises more questions than it answers.

“We know that the average age for older Australians entering residential aged care has been rising over time,” Mr Rooney said.

“Many older Australians are choosing to age in the community in their own homes, close to family and friends. By the time they move into residential aged care they are often older and frailer than people who entered residential care in the past.”